Large Wire Nut Dumper Large Wire Nut Dumper Nut Wizard The large wire nut dumper attaches easily to any 5 gallon bucket to use with your Nut Wizard to empty the basket. BWClargenutdumper largenutdumper 6.50 Black Walnut Cracker
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Large Wire Nut Dumper

Large Wire Nut Dumper
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Nut Wizard Dumper (Large)
Nut Wizard Dumper (Large)
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Release Nuts With Ease

The large wire nut dumper is great to use with the large Nut Wizard. Attach to any 5 gallon bucket, push the wire basket of your Nut Wizard over the dumper, and watch your black walnuts,apples, pears, magnolia seed heads, and even tennis ball cascade right into the bucket.

Work Made Simple

Most customers order extra nut dumpers. This allows them to have buckets placed all around their collection area. Stop lugging a bucket around and empty as you go.

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